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Escorts - Frequently Asked Questions

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What should I know before contacting an escort?

First and foremost, show respect! The escorts on this site are upscale ladies, not cheap whores. The more respect you show them, the more you will get in return.

Do not talk about specific sexual acts either directly, or implied. Talking about sex and money could be construed as a solicitation for prostitution which is illegal outside of the legal Nevada brothels.

Once you have an appointment set, take a shower! Make sure you are well-groomed, clean, and throw on some cologne. After all, smelling good will give her good reason to get close to you. And when she arrives, don't forget... be polite!

What should I expect from an escort?

The first rule of thumb is not to expect anything more than to pay her for her time and companionship. Paying for anything more than her time or company, for example sex, is illegal.

You can pay her for certain adult type services such as a dinner date, good conversation, exotic dancing or strip teasing, lingerie modeling, role-playing, or an erotic massage. Anything that happens beyond that is two consenting adults enjoying each others time and is not contracted for or compensated for in any way.

Why did the girl I called hang up on me?

In most cases you most likely said something that made her uncomfortable or led her to believe that you are a cop. Again the first thing to remember when contacting an escort is not to ask or talk about anything specific to sex. Also, don't be rude, she is a normal person just like you and expects the same respect you would give to anyone else.

Another possible reason is that she may thing you're just shopping around or wasting her time. If you are shopping around tell her up front. Be honest and concise in regards to why you are calling, and you are likely to get a better response.

What should I do when she finally arrives for our date?

Again, the first thing to remember is to not talk about sex and money! If she tries to get you to agree to pay for sex in exchange for money she is likely a cop. She may ask you to take off your pants, possibly even play with yourself before she will do anything. This is her attempt to prove you or not a cop, although this is no definite proof. In some states police are actually allowed to have sex with escorts before they arrest them.

If you are feeling uneasy about what to do when she arrives, let her know this is your first time. If she responds with a statement like "what ever do you mean?", simply respond with something similar to, "This is the first time I have ever hired someone for companionship". Again always avoid talking about sex! This typically will prompt her to take the lead, and being a professional, she will know what to do.

Do escorts enjoy sex, or are they just doing it for the money?

It is a job, people work for money. Some people like their jobs, some do not. Escorts really are in the customer service industry. So there are good customers, bad customers, good days, bad days. Just because they do it for the money doesn't mean they aren't enjoying it.

Am I going to get AIDS or any other VD's from an escort?

Anytime you have sex, you run the risk of getting some sort of disease. If you use a condom and practice safe sex, you chances for catching a disease are greatly reduced. Escorts are usually safer than most women because they actually use condoms.

Do escorts fake orgasms, or is it the real thing?

You can not always be sure. One of the life long wonders of the world, women and orgasms. Her job is to please you, so escorts usually make more noise than the girls you are used to sleeping with. If she does not orgasm, it does not mean that you are bad in bed.

Is sex with an escort and impersonal experience?

Not usually. This goes along with everything else we have talked about here. She is human and a woman. Also it is her job to make you feel as good as possible and to create the ultimate fantasy for you. Although it is likely it will be more personal for you because she is creating your fantasy, this doesn't mean she will act impersonal towards you.

One thing to remember, to better enjoy your experience and make it more personal is to treat your date with the up most respect and courtesy. The more she enjoys her time with you, the more you will enjoy your time with her.

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