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Independent Escorts vs. Escort Agencies

An independent escort is a person who services client independently of any other staff, a sole proprietor if you will. In the past, locating independent escorts was more difficult, but in our modern world great web sites (such as this one) make it easy for you to locate an independent escort. Independent escorts often times are cheaper than escort agencies (no escort agencies fees) and you will receive a much more personals experience (they want you to become a regular). An independent escort can be less reliable (she gets sick, her car breaks down, etc.) and require an appointment scheduled a day or two in advance. With the internet you can more times than not, get a better feel for what an independent escort is like, her outlook on life and her true looks, likes and dislikes etc. An escort agency is run like a larger business with a normal staff. Someone is always there to answer the phones and maintain all the escorts' schedules. You can call an escort service and request a date an hour or two from now. If something happens to the escort that is scheduled to service you that evening, a replacement escort is always available. You have less of an idea about the looks of the escort that will arrive for your appointment. For this added convenience, the agency charges a fee. Since the escort knows she may never see you again, you might have a less personal experience than an independent escort that is trying to earn your repeat business.

Your Date With An Escort

Show respect, use discretion. Make sure you set an appointment with an escort that caters to what you are looking for. You can mention things you want, just not in the context of sex. You could say something like, "I have an anal fetish, is that something you would enjoy talking about?" etc. You can not say, "I fuck you in the ass" etc. So, an appointment is set with an escort that seems to cater to your desires and you did that without talking about sex. Do everything you would do if you were going out on a real date. Crank up some tunes, dance around the bathroom while shaving, and take a hot shower, put on your favorite 'pick up chick' clothes. Your French cologne is on and there is a knock at the door. The first thing to remember is to not talk about sex and money! If she tries to get you to agree to pay for sex in exchange for money she is likely a cop. If you get nervous at this point and do not know what to do, it is ok to mention this is your first time. If she responds with a statement like "what ever do you mean?", simply respond with something similar to, "This is the first time I have ever hired someone for companionship". This typically will prompt her to take the lead, and being a professional, she will know what to do. Live out your fantasy; don't worry about the things that do not matter: is she faking it, does she like what i am doing to her, am I turning her on, etc. It is not like you have to worry about her cheating on you and all of her daily emotional needs. She is there to satisfy your needs, you da man, do what feels the best to you. This is one of the great things about escorts; you pay a little money for a little time together. A real relationship consumes lots of money and lots of time. So, you are all hyped up and in mood, run with it. This does not mean treat her like a fuck toy (fetish escorts aside), but treat her with respect for the duration of your date. The courtship is over, you have her ready to, um, be with you. Once the deed is in progress it is ok to ask her to do things, talk dirty, moan, tell me I am the best... just be careful, an escort does have the right to say no to anything. Your quest is over and you have completed your mission, now both of you need to clean up and end the date. Have a towel and wash cloth handy, let her use your facilities, thank her for her time, pour yourself a cold one and get ready for bed.

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